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WTF, Yako spit

Thing that drives me most is knowing we are under the same blue sky, Eby Journal

You will always be near me

La sigh
My net is down at home and most likely won't be back on till thursday. If you need me please txt or call my cell. It's on facebook. If not nab either Tony or Vinny on fb and ask them for my cell number. <3 Sorry for the issues this is causing it's completely out of my hands.

ACEN 2010
All right. I need to know who all will be rooming with my group and who is still tentatively thinking about it. I need to know because I will be doing the amounts tonight at Momma Anna's. I also need to know how everyone in Indiana would like to come. I'm actually considering purchasing a station wagon to help minimize the number of cars and help drop the price of gas by splitting it with everyone. 

So in other words. ARE YOU COMING? If not tell me why. I may be able to work around it. But I can't if no one tells me. >:T

Something unsaid...
WTF, Yako spit
Found out she's just been stuck seriously hard at work. And that's why she hadn't returned my texts. X3 I'm glad it was work, and not something I did.

And as for him, Right as I was thinking of sending the "I can't deal with this shit anymore sorry" text. He not only txts me first. But has started reading the manga I had suggested. ...What the hell am I going to do about this guy? =A=

Something unsaid...
For fuck sake. I'm getting really tired of this bullshit. Considering transferring the room to someone else. It's getting that damn stupid.

Something unsaid...
WTF, Yako spit
We found a house 5 bedroom, 1 1/2 baths. We got a call back from the owner. Hopefully, the house and us will pass through the following loops to get it.

Something unsaid...
I can definitely say, without a doubt now, that I'm being ignored. The big question tho' is why? It's just me sending messages and getting no response. I'm so tired of things like this, it isn't funny. I think it would be best that once ACen is over to completely cut ties and move on. Like I had planned from the get go.

Somehow it's my fault that he's angry. But won't discuss why. And she won't say anything at all, even when I make attempts at contact.

All I really want is for both to be happy. If I can solidify that knowledge, cutting ties won't leave nearly as bad a taste in my mouth.

Why is it no one listens when I say that this is how things will pan out in the end?

Lil' brother got his girlfriend pregnant. Congrats dumbass. You haven't even turned 16 yet, and already you've fucked up your life more than you can comprehend.

Upside, we went looking at houses. Some were spooky, and odd. Others not so terribly bad.

There was a nice small one off of Franklin nearby.

The one off of Keystone was a hot mess tho'.

There was a lovely house we saw, but people were still in it. And it's too close to a really busy street, so it makes it difficult to get in and out of the area.

One off of 34th street had a freaking hole in the floor.

Driving around so much gave me a headache. But I got to see Sarahi, which was lovely. I missed hanging out with someone whose known me for so long.

And New Yrs was lovely for me too. I got to hang with Lindsay and we exchanged gifts. X3 I got a lovely wincy tea set for my cheshire cats. And we nommed pizza. Xd

I haven't really been doing much else other than working. =A=

Tuesday I'm going to be spending the night at Alex's house. So I can protest the decision to not accept same sex marriage here in Indy. Thursday I'm going to be hanging out with T.C. and then after that working like a crazy bitch. =A=

Something unsaid...
After a ridiculous amount of texting, it gets down to, Sorry can't be bothered. Why not just say you were going to be else where from the start rather than get my hopes up? Now I have to either mail out the gifts, rather than hand them off, or say fuckit and they can all wait. I haven't seen anyone in what, a month or more 2-3 pending which person, so I was really looking forward to this. I may just opt for fuckit and wait till my next check.

I don't think I've ever been more thankful that I'm going to be at work all of the following week. And I can only pray I won't be talked at for the duration of the same week. May seems all too close. I don't think I will ever be ready for it.

Hopefully my mood will lighten up come the time I wake up.

My Xmas was both good and bad. My Mom spoiled me, and despite me not asking for anything, she got me DJ Hero. And a few cell phone charms. To bad my dumbass sister and father wanted to ruin what lil' good mood I had with a yelling fight of epic-ly stupid style shit. I was polite through the whole damn day. Even let my sister spend the night cause my Mom asked nicely, for Xmas eve. I wanted to kill her during the whole night, as no matter what I was doing she commented on every thing. And even jumped in on Sarahi's and my conversation like she knew what the fuck she was talking about. This was way too much personal space being invaded for me. So when Mom out the damn blue asks her if she wants to spend the night again. I quickly said no, she's going home that night. I'm tired of being talked at, asked about shit, and having to explain every fucking thing I'm doing. I've grown used to being alone. And I damn sure don't care for her company.

So I get yelled at by Dad who tells me it isn't my place to say if she can spend the night or not. Fucker it's my room and my bed. I think I have a say in who goes in there. Tells me that my bed is actually Elisha's bed and will always be her bed, and her room and I ain't got shit to say about it. Which lead to more pissed off words. Then Elisha's dumb ass goes and tells me that if I don't like it, I should have moved out by now. Rather than spend my money on conventions, magazines and dolls.

WTH?! Clearly the bitch doesn't know what I spend my money on. What I own as far as those things has taken me YEARS. This year was a surprising one where I managed to obtain 2 dolls thanks to layaway and buying from a local doll person. I give more than half my check to my Mom. What I do with the rest is my own damn business. And I'm staying here purely because my Mother needs me. I didn't bail out on my Mother like she did. And that means I get perks like buying purely luxury items, that boil down to fancy shit to look at. You can be jealous of that all you damn well please. But don't you dare tell me how to fucking spend my money when I know you haven't given Mom gas in the past month, and haven't paid your rent. But continue to order fast food and buy useless baubles.

But no it gets better than that bullshit. She goes as far as to say outloud, "She wouldn't do this to Kati!" Thankfully I chose to ignore that one. But seriously? FUCKING SERIOUSLY?! WHERE DO YOU GET OFF EVEN TRYING TO COMPARE YOURSELF TO KATI? You can't nor ever will be on the same level of the wonderful person she was. She was there for me so many times I loose count. Can I honestly get past one hand with the favors you've done for me, that haven't resulted in me later on getting fucked over due to me doing you a favor? Nope sure as fuck can't.

Now Dad is doing childish ass bullshit, like standing in my bed room and blowing smoke on my face. Waking me up, because WHAT DO YOU KNOW, I can't breathe. Trying to steal my keys, and get into arguments over whether it's too cold to let the dogs in for the night, trying to starts over nothing, and blaming me for anything that turns up broken. Because he's dubbed her the favorite child, because she "moved out" funny I see the woman every damn day and now Mom is stuck carting her around while she doesn't pay for the damn gas. Yeah, it's totally like she's moved out. All while gaining more and more weight and complaining about how she can't breathe. XI

I really won't be at ease till we move out of this house and into a better place. Away from Dad and further away from my sister. Who for some damn reason thinks she might be able to move in with us. ...Ummm, NO! If she moved in with us, we would make too much money for Section 8. And given how much my skin was crawling with what ended up being a 2 night stay, after I had to force a fucking apology from her. I'd say I'd end up killing the woman.

Urgh, I'm just going to go to bed. I hope I will feel better after some sleep.

Something unsaid...
Something I've known since I was a freshman in highschool.
It doesn't matter that they raised you and sacrificed a great deal so you could be happy. They are human, they will act selfishly. Do and say things that will hurt you, themselves or others. They aren't gods, they are as human as you are. If anything more weak. As they decided to keep you living for whatever reason they did.

Sadly this was the only thing that kept me from killing my dad and a few other "adults" when I was younger.
I fucking hate the holiday season.

Nakatsu drained
So much shit. Where to even start?

I owe 300 bucks to get my license renewed. I'm the only one saving up for the house taxes, which is 815. To file my parents seperation costs 156. If we don't file it we no longer qualify for section 8. Combined with the medical bills. We owe a fuckton of money. I don't even see the point in paying the house taxes, as the house isn't really worth it, when the fucking heater hasn't worked since 01 and now the downstairs electricity is all in the damn kitchen. Whoever wired this house needs hit, hard.

I will be working on my off day to try and drum up more money. But as it stands I've only got 300 saved up, when it's due on the 19th. To be honest I've been working my ass off like crazy. I'm getting tired of being the only that makes an effort to take care of shit in this house. I can only hope things work out and that soon we will be moving. That or I will. I'm considering selling Tamaki to try and drum up more cash. But I'm worried there would be too much time sitting on the market before a buyer would show up. Simply put we need money, or we won't have a home to go back to, even if it's shitty.

I'd like to say I have this weekend to look forward to. But yeah...I'm so damn depressed it isn't funny and have begun to consider just staying home and getting much needed sleep.

I can't think of a witty title that's not depressing...
Nakatsu drained
I say Krispin' Thursday. That was lovely. I've missed her tons. I hope she gets time to watch Ouran Host Club. Rich telling me to get a boyfriend for makin' childlings was hilarious. X'D

Let's see. My weekend started off,
A man dying in front of my house.
*short version of how, man just lost his job, got kicked out his house, slept in the garage/shack of a friends, woke up the next day feeling like shit. Said friend chucked him into the back of the truck to take him to the hospital...he stopped breathing, pulled over in front of our house. Attempted to do cpr, but didn't do mouth to mouth ambulance arrived, said DOA. Took forever for the coroner to arrive and retrieve his body. And they left the blanket he died in/under on the corner of our street in a big plastic bag =A=*

My debit card got eaten by the atm. And I just wanted to put a buck in it so it wouldn't over draw by 8 cents.

My license is going to be suspended as of the 16th of this month. For a nonpointable offense. Going to try and fight it but gods know how well that will go.

A good thing tho' was Mike getting pissed cause Mary Paul told him to work. XDDD

Saturday was good, I hung out with Stephi' for a bit. We went to From Dark Pages. I wanted to hug all the male actors in it. It's sad isn't it? Especially the man playing the creator of Sherlock Holmes. X'D ADORABLE Seriously tho', they were all really really good! The grumpy maid was the best. XDDD
I had to fight the urge to squeel and run at the ginormous stove of awesome tho'. 8u Xo And to not touch that beautiful silver tea set I was standing next to when the prince was shot. X'DDD

Today tho'. Was a good/bad day. Star and Amanda came and snatched me up. Sadly not even a full minute from my house. We turned left onto Ritter and this bitch threw open her door and sadly Amanda's car collided with it. XU I will attempt to go into better detail about it later on. But I'm glad it happened literally across the street from my house. So I just walked over got my Mom and Dad to inform them of what happened. My Mom stayed till the cops finally showed up and helped. The woman tried to put the blame on us from the start. BUT, I DISTINCTLY recall the bitch holding a fucking coffee maker in her arms when we collided her door that she kicked open with her feet. >8U
I got to watch Dr. Who. It is really cute. And I wish to see more of this Cpt. Jack. X'D
I can't help but feel it's my fault. Just like with Lindsay's cats getting fleas. I petted Harley before I left to go hang out at her house after all. =A=

This weekend has been exhausting to say the least. =A= I need a break. I think I will consider taking a vacation from work and just sleep for an entire week. X'D

My emotions are more tumultous than the sea, it seems
Urgh by chibimars5
No matter how much I try. I keep getting depressed, and pissed off at the fact that I'm depressed.

We've got to get together 800 dollars for the house taxes. Along with bills, and of course my dad isn't helping worth a damn.  I keep fluctuating between finding beauty in the world and being absolutely disgusted with everything to the point of wishing to board up all windows and bricking myself in.

Work is tedious, to say the least. People keep complimenting me on my loosing weight. But now I'm being bothered by the few male employees. Making me not want to be around people even more. Which is pissing me off cause I want to be around my friends. Hell there are points where I actually want to touch/be around people but no one is around when this happens. Which just leads right back to being depressed and straight on into anger.

Any chances of me moving out keep being knocked down by some various bill or issue. First it was the trips to the hospital cause of my stomach, now it's bills that have piled up, and my mom never told me she needed more money. Why, I don't know. Chances are high I will be pulling another loan again. Joy of joys.

I wanna do something, but I'm so damn listless. Every time I'm lonely, I end up thinking about Kati which has been making me cry like I'm insane. Sometimes I won't even be thinking of her. And I will be suddenly attacked with a simple thought and that crushing feeling of lose caves in on me again. We were so attached at the hip, it's like I've lost a part of myself. Which leads to more pissed-off-ery.

Upside of things. I got to see Grace again. I've known her since jr high. X) She's married *0* And wants kids as well. She will be moving in 2 weeks tho'. But not very far. It seems we've both been living in Irvington for a while, but just never saw each other. I missed her tons.

Down side. Tony is twatwaffle. After that bullshit argument, we had the lil' talk. In which he gave me lame excuses for him blowing up at me. But now I generally have to bother him even more to get any response. In fact we will go days without a word. He said he wishes I would talk more. But then I make the attempt to do so and I get more radio silence. Even when I told Grace the situation, and didn't in any way make him out to be a jackass, she told me the whole situation is freaking childish.  I'm getting so pissed off with this it isn't funny. I can't even mention Jessie without him going stoic on me, that is if I can get him to talk at me*it's at, not to me anymore*.  This is why I don't think friendship has a value in years, but in how much you know and understand a person.

On that note, I'm hoping to make at least one new friend at ACen to keep me preoccupied. If my mind isn't left to wander, I'm hoping I won't get as depressed. This way Tony can't bicker at me about how I'm "Getting all up in" his "face" about stuff. With that one, I was trying to find out if the sewing machine he bought was a piece of shit or not. It was by the way. Or try to make me come off as ungrateful, when he had figured out what old cartoon show I was thinking of...a day ago. By saying "Oh and by the way YOUR WELCOME for The Off Beats" even tho' I had thanked him right after he told me the name of the show the day before. XI I swear he's just trying to pick shit apart. I'm about to fucking cut him.

Today was interesting to say the least. Jessie texted me at 8 in the morning about how she will be bored for an hour till the bus arrives. Which I assumed meant she was alone downtown by herself. ..I was right. When I got there, angry and dressed in my pj's. She was talking to a known sex offender I've read about online, and seen in the news twice. On the list for rape, and later on stalking. My head wanted to explode with how worried I was about the situation. When I made it back to bed, my stomach hurt like hell. And I honestly couldn't get back to sleep. So when I texted Tony to make sure he was actually meeting her at Union Station, he responded with "To early for snarkiness. Yes I am. She will be fine" I wasn't being snarky damnit. I just wanted to make sure I didn't loose another damn friend, especially when I have the fucking chance to make sure of it. For fuck sake. I get so pissed off when I think of his dumbass. I honestly think I'm better off just ending it. There's no point in it anymore. I wish I did have the means to brick myself off from the world. But I'm sure this house would collapse from the extra weight.

Went to sleep around 5 and still woke up at 11:30
This past few weeks have been hella hectic. There's no way around that.

Long story short Tony and I fought , Tony and I made up. Though he tried to give a bunch of excuses as to why he went off on me. And I basically had to pull teeth to get him to go back to the issue that made him go all bananas on me. Which boiled down to, I need to talk more. But he isn't talking or telling me things as much anymore either. So he needs to talk more too.  It still leaves a plethora of other issues for the 3rd party involved in the issue. =A= We are talking, more granted. But things are still a bit off. And his dumbass wants to sleep in his car for ACen. He doesn't realize the problems it will cause, nor the bootleg drama that could possibly happen by him ostracizing himself.

If I did the counting right, I'm scheduled to work the weekend ACen happens. Which blows royally. So I'm going to have to figure out a way to get around that. As I'm really disliking the rule that you can't request weekends you work off. >:I

Last night was fun, I got to meet so many people and play awesome games. I still don't like mead tho', nor vodka with lavender and vanilla flavoring. But I managed to finish off the lil' mead I did have. X'D I did get embarrassed a lot tho'. But that happened BEFORE the mead. X'D Homemade chex mix is tastey :d

I spent the night at Lindsay's. Always fun stuffs.

And the Thursday before last. I went all the way out to Reevesville(spellering?) and had. But ranted a LO, with occasional outbursts of  "DAMNIT I WANT TO HIT HIM". Due to Tony and I being stupid. We went to the park, ...where, I'm still not sure. But my gods! They have metal slides and a merry go round. And stuffs made of WOOD. I miss such things in our parks here in Indy. X3 The teeter totter's seat broke on impact with the ground, while Jessie was on it, poor Jessie. I got everyone to sign it. <3 I had to wear a hat and mittens the entire time tho' cause it was frickin' COLD. An, Amber, and I do believe her name is Corey, are all really awesome peoples. *HA I remembered names, hell just got a lil' more chilly* I hope I get to know them better. And see them more often.

Then I worked that weekend.

But luckily this weekend I don't. Wooot.

Mike got hurt at work. And it was OSHA recordable and he still has a damn job there. BUT, now he's even more USELESS than before. >:U How the hell do you keep your job when,
You're in an area doing shit you aren't supposed to be
You're off the clock
You're breaking the rule of NOT being on or near the lift while it's in motion
You're off the clock and you were supposed to have already clocked in and returned to your work area a half hour ago?!

Why are they keeping this fucker around? =A= And since his foot magically got caught under the lift now he sits on his ass not doing anything but talking with Doug. Our other resident jackass. =A= 

Urgh, I can't help but wonder how long he will milk his bum foot. And gods I hope they let him go soon. He's driving us all crazy.

On a happier note. I may give up on the cosplay, I SWEAR THIS IS A HAPPIER NOTE, but instead design another lolita outfit. And ask for Aimee's aid with it. X'D Lolita has and always be my niche, I know what I'm doing with it, so I'm more comfortable with the idea of wearing it. Damn my girly ways X'D

part 2 of conversation since lj is a bitch
WTF, Yako spit
Part one so it makes more sense

(9:32:23 PM):
trythisoutchiki (9:32:26 PM): welp at least you can't see me typing
T (9:32:39 PM): Oh, you blocked it finally?
trythisoutchiki (9:33:02 PM): yes XI i got tired of not knowing who was typing so why let them see me typing
T (9:33:49 PM): Well good for ya
trythisoutchiki (9:34:24 PM): so much sarcasm i could feed a small starving child for a week D;
T (9:34:54 PM): With sarcasm? Oh, I'm SURE you could feed a child on pure sarcasm
trythisoutchiki (9:35:17 PM): with your's SURE i could
trythisoutchiki (9:35:27 PM): i mean it's damn near tactile :o
trythisoutchiki (9:35:55 PM): just got to beat it down and killer it skin and put it into a soup
trythisoutchiki (9:37:18 PM): starving kids aren't picky ; D
T (9:37:19 PM): Well you g'head and do that
trythisoutchiki (9:37:59 PM): "g'head" :I
trythisoutchiki (9:38:21 PM): you're typing out noises
trythisoutchiki (9:38:37 PM): you must be some level of happy
T (9:38:39 PM): No, that's me going go ahead
trythisoutchiki (9:38:53 PM): LMAO
trythisoutchiki (9:39:01 PM): i knew what you meant by it :P
T (9:39:27 PM): No, I'm actually kinda pissed because my hamstrings gave out and I couldn't really do anything except hobble around the practice field at Belegarth today
trythisoutchiki (9:40:11 PM): awww
trythisoutchiki (9:40:29 PM): welp then you've been typing differently as of late *shrugs*
trythisoutchiki (9:40:37 PM): i was trying to be optimistic
trythisoutchiki (9:40:50 PM): but this one guy out in elgin won't allow for that >:T
T (9:40:59 PM): So right now my mood is rather twitch-angry.
T (9:41:06 PM): Oh, you know someone else near the Elgin area?
trythisoutchiki (9:41:11 PM): LMAO
T (9:41:30 PM): Invite that sumbitch out to ACen, he can take the closet in the ante area
trythisoutchiki (9:41:39 PM): ROFLMAO
trythisoutchiki (9:41:42 PM): no no i don't
trythisoutchiki (9:41:49 PM): and i was planning on hiding in the closest
trythisoutchiki (9:41:58 PM): i will gnaw all ankles that try and wake me
T (9:42:01 PM): Yeah, I firgured!
trythisoutchiki (9:42:23 PM): to which?
trythisoutchiki (9:42:25 PM): both?
T (9:42:35 PM): The closet thing
trythisoutchiki (9:43:09 PM): :/ why the "!"?
T(9:43:20 PM): ...
T (9:43:33 PM): Because I was exclaiming when I typed it
trythisoutchiki (9:43:43 PM): it's not something to yell about tho' :u
trythisoutchiki (9:44:33 PM): 8u
trythisoutchiki (9:45:09 PM): maybe you should take your bath now?
trythisoutchiki (9:45:31 PM): clearly i can't appease your angry style at the moment
trythisoutchiki (9:45:50 PM): as most would lol at the mere mention of me hiding in a closest
trythisoutchiki (9:46:03 PM): much less gnawing at ankles
T (9:46:09 PM): No, because I wanna know what the hell you wish to be so derisive about
trythisoutchiki (9:46:13 PM): i probably couldn't even get you to laugh at a fat joke right now
trythisoutchiki (9:46:24 PM): 8I
T (9:46:26 PM): No, I know why you'd hide in the closet.
trythisoutchiki (9:46:40 PM): wah
trythisoutchiki (9:46:46 PM): no i don't think i asked that
trythisoutchiki (9:47:10 PM): in fact i'm SURE i didn't ask you if you knew why i'd hide in a closest
trythisoutchiki (9:47:25 PM): that's not the point here
trythisoutchiki (9:47:44 PM): *shakes head*
T (9:48:33 PM): Oh gee whiz, this couldn't possibly have someting to do with going all Pre-WWII-Isolationist-USA on me the second Jessie and I make eye contact, heavens no.
trythisoutchiki (9:48:35 PM): if i tell you what lame barely derisive thing i was going to say will you take your bath and quit being all tweeky style angry about things and stuffs
trythisoutchiki (9:48:58 PM): 8I i wasn't even trying to bring that up
trythisoutchiki (9:49:47 PM): i was trying to have a conversation with you
trythisoutchiki (9:50:01 PM): and not make you feel like shit
trythisoutchiki (9:50:07 PM): clearly you seem to think otherwise
T (9:50:41 PM): Onto you. No need to presume otherwise
trythisoutchiki (9:51:37 PM): No, I've been trying for the past 2 weeks to make sure I haven't said a damn thing to make you feel like shit about this.
trythisoutchiki (9:52:15 PM): Pulling out the "onto you" thing now. Isn't going to change what was just said seconds ago
trythisoutchiki (9:52:32 PM): I will talk to later
T(9:52:49 PM): Hell, alright then.

Someone tell me where the hell I went wrong, please?
WTF, Yako spit
I got messaged by him first so I was all kinds of happy. And I had thought we were having a normal conversation. Clearly I missed something. And I'm so damn upset I can't even think straight. What the hell did I do wrong? Someone please point it out to me so I can avoid doing it again.

(9:09:37 PM):
You'll never get to bed at 11 :p
trythisoutchiki (9:10:26 PM): :I
trythisoutchiki (9:10:30 PM): YOU ...
trythisoutchiki (9:10:34 PM): shutup 8c
T (9:10:41 PM): MEDICAL
T (9:10:42 PM): FACT
trythisoutchiki (9:10:55 PM): but i gots no choice gotta be at work at 8am 8u
trythisoutchiki (9:11:14 PM): so i SHOULD go to bed at 11
T (9:11:30 PM): You should
T (9:11:35 PM): But you'll just lay awake
T (9:11:39 PM): Tossing and turning
trythisoutchiki (9:11:43 PM): 8I
trythisoutchiki (9:11:55 PM): SHUDDAP
T (9:11:57 PM): Thinking "Damn, Tony was right. I'm just tossing and turning here"
trythisoutchiki (9:12:04 PM): lmao
trythisoutchiki (9:12:16 PM): damn the one time i was SURE i had caps on, i didn't
T (9:13:05 PM): Haha
trythisoutchiki (9:16:33 PM): jerkface you better not have jinxed me
trythisoutchiki (9:16:52 PM): despite how tired i was last night i still kept waking at 3 hr intervals
trythisoutchiki (9:17:16 PM): not awesomeness >:I
trythisoutchiki (9:21:14 PM): ...wait yesterday was friday right?
trythisoutchiki (9:21:24 PM): yeah had to be cause i was at work at 10 today
trythisoutchiki (9:21:33 PM): and sundays are my 8am =0=
T (9:21:42 PM): Yep, I'm too sore to fuck with you on the actual day of the week
trythisoutchiki (9:22:03 PM): lol more belegarth?
trythisoutchiki (9:22:24 PM): or did you finally attack a customer?
trythisoutchiki (9:22:43 PM): damnit i'm turning it off now
T (9:22:51 PM): Nah, I was off today. It was indeed the belegarth
T (9:24:23 PM): Both my hamstrings went out at the onset. So I pretty much just kinda sat around
trythisoutchiki (9:26:06 PM): aww
trythisoutchiki (9:26:07 PM): that sucks
trythisoutchiki (9:26:36 PM): did you put ice or at least a damp cloth on them since you've gotten home?
trythisoutchiki (9:26:57 PM): wait i already know the answer
trythisoutchiki (9:27:00 PM): nope
T (9:27:21 PM): I'm gonna soak in the tub and read me some Green Lantern comics after dessert
trythisoutchiki (9:27:44 PM): ...okay
trythisoutchiki (9:28:02 PM): going to repress the urge to type something derisive X'D
T (9:28:26 PM): You're gonna do it anyway, so go ahead
trythisoutchiki (9:28:33 PM): nope
trythisoutchiki (9:28:36 PM): not gonna
T (9:28:48 PM): Sigh.
T (9:28:51 PM): I hate you.
trythisoutchiki (9:28:54 PM): LMAO
trythisoutchiki (9:29:02 PM): i wasn't going to at all 8u
trythisoutchiki (9:29:06 PM): and you hate me for it
trythisoutchiki (9:29:13 PM): I CAN'T WIN IF I TRY
T (9:29:17 PM): Nope.
trythisoutchiki (9:30:27 PM): :T
trythisoutchiki (9:30:37 PM): XT
trythisoutchiki (9:32:13 PM): XI

Something unsaid...
Got a call this morning at 9. From the GenCon rooming peoples, telling me they are on it, and trying to take care of it. Haven't heard from Holiday Inn. Probably cause they don't wish to deal with me. =_= I'm so damn tired.

Nakatsu drained
And to top it off the sink is overflowing and no one wants to help me fix it. Of course this happened while I was doing laundry. So now there's a sink full of dishes, a whole load of wet laundry, and a mess in the kitchen. And no one wants to help. Thanks a fucking bunch Dad, Mom, Elisha, it's really fucking appreciated.

Urgh by chibimars5
So I went to GenCon. I won't bother with the goings on of it all. It was both good and bad for me, enough about that. Originally I had put a room on a hold. I canceled the room reserve. Got charge the 50 for canceling. And thought everything was all well and good. Come Friday however I discovered I had over draft fees when I know I shouldn't have. And I couldn't help but wonder what the fuck I had bought that would cost me 380 dollars with the overdraft fees. I hadn't had time to look things over in my bank account. So I just said fuckit  and went and got the loan. Welp tonight, I finally had the chance to look over everything sanely. And what do you fucking know, I've been charged a full night's stay. Despite cancelation. I even have the email confirmation number.

I fucking hate everything right now. I didn't need to pull a damn loan. But now I'm left feeling more like crap over the whole thing. Can I please just stop existing now?

La tired...
WTF, Yako spit
So I get to work, only to be watched by Patches. One of the quality team peoples. So my mind went blank for a bit. Thankfully I did all the morning calibrations without a hitch. X3 Sadly,  Scott didn't show up on time. So I ended up trying to pack, and keep the window up. From 8am to 11am. Fun stuffs.

Everyone finally showed up at 11. 8u Thankfully Tori and Oliver helped me out a bit. After that the day kinda flew away. =A= I wish I could have stayed at work longer.

Yesterday, was rather pretty during sunset. It looked like a scene from a random horror flick. X'D Today it's just cold and cloudy.

Today was rather short despite it starting so early. This week is the week of being there at 1pm to close. =A= I miss my 2pm arrival already.

I got the loan!
I got the loan. It was for 200 bucks. Which is just enough to cover my mom's loan. And I only have to pay back an extra 30 bucks and considering the hours I'm getting the following weeks. I can definitely pay it back with my next check. And things should be in order by then. X3

I had to leave work early to get it taken care of. But the point is I don't have to worry about getting things taken care of for 2 weeks with only 150 to work with. X3

I was apparently very zombie like at work while I was there. =A= And it will only get worse cause I have to be there at 8am tomorrow.

It was pretty much a wake up go to work, work, type of day.

Next weekend will be awesome tho', I will have a 3 day weekend. And I will be paid for it. Cause of a holiday that's happening.

After getting the loan, we went grocery shopping. Hot damn food I can eat! I still have the 25 dollar gift card thing. I'm going to try to not use it, in case there is a major emergency.

Sadly there isn't much to type. f=3=' I lead a boring life. X'D ♥♫

Well fuck...
Nakatsu drained
Welp everything seems to be coming down on my head. If only mentally.
I just realized that tomorrow is Kati's birthday. Which definitely doesn't help my oh so fantastic mood.
I got a statement from my bank today informing me they are taking 380 out of my already short check. And it seems I really didn't fully consider the mental anguish I would experience over two close friends dating.

So in short. I'm not talking to either of them, so I can clear my head of it a bit better, stop making them both feel like shit over it.*Tho' I'm sure Tony is soo damn pissed right now he probably wants to punch me. At least he has girl distractions now, of the real life type* I'm going to apply for a short term loan Monday. *crosses fingers* And at least I figured out why I kept feeling like this weekend was going to be extremely crunchy.

My job had an audit this week. Terribly stressful. And our internal audit is in 30 days. So I'm hoping that within 30 days I should feel better about the situation. And if both the adorkable one and the acutable are still willing to talk to me, hawt damn I'm lucky.

People can still get a hold of me just not on aim. As I'm generally staying hidden on it. If it's a matter of life and death you can still text the screename and it will go straight to my cell. Or you can call me. I can't think of a single issue that could arise that would need me. *not trying to be emo here peoples just saying* But still just in case I feel it's best to let peoples know I'm reachable.

I'm considering after finally taking my test, in becoming a senior processor. It's more moneys so why the hell not? :B

Today wasn't so eventful at work. Mike was there, and he was telling his crap ass stories again. The kind of his magical sex exploits that ...have never really happened I'm sure of it. Dylan was Dylan, And Mellissa left on time.

The song I recommend listening on repeat today would definitely be Medicine Man by The Hush Sound ♥♫

Writer's Block: I May Be Crazy
WTF, Yako spit
What does this Rorschach blot look like to you?
Two tiny cherubs holding a bell. Their legs are pointing towards the bell and they have wings on their heads.

Nakatsu drained
It's been since June, that I've checked LJ, life has gotten in the way. And by life I mean work. =A=

Many many things have changed. I was a bit depressed for a spell. But now that June is out of the way. I feel a bit better. When I get back from work I will post a few things about relationship issues and what not. And then start the very long hike through everyone's posts. So sorry if anyone gets random uber stupid style late responses from me. I've just been working like mad and thinking like crazy.

Voice Post
WTF, Yako spit
821K 4:15
(no transcription available)

Copy pasted from Facebook in case others can't see it there
watch what i say
Those that usually room with me for ACen. I have managed to obtain 2 rooms that are attached. Since our group has gotten bigger.
Sadly the rate has risen *it's 145 a night this year* and due to this second room so has our split share. Now they won't be taking the payment for the first night till April 16th of '09. And as it stand with 9 people it comes to about 100 dollars each, for all 3 nights.

I know expensive. BUT when you think on it, it isn't so bad. We are staying at a 4 star hotel, this is the hotel the convention is actually at, there will be a second bathroom, 2 more beds and more space. Considering these things, I'd say we come out fairly decent on this. f^_^'

I'd like to avoid the problem I encountered this year. Having to give up all my money so we could stay the other 2 nights. So if it's ok with everyone that is absolutely certain they are going. I would like to ask that you send 50 bucks to me via paypal. Before April 16th. If you don't have a paypal or are uncertain how, we can discuss it later on. There really isn't a need to rush on it, right now. And I can give you my paypal addy later as well.

I think this would work out in everyone's favor. As no one would have to dish out one whole lump sum. Obviously you don't have to send this money immediately. And if you don't end up going you would get your 50 buck deposit back. =)

Send me a message if you have questions, or opinions. Or generally wanna hit me over the head♪

People who I know are coming:
4.Kyrsten *Alex's sister*
5.Eby*lol me*
8. Jessie

People who I'm unsure about: Either for what arrival day or going


Prices, as I realize I've never actually listed them I'M SO SORRY PEOPLES.

*all the prices are for 2 rooms for 3 nights, the price is per person for all 3 nights♥* These prices are also before the 14% tax

8 peoples is $109
9 = $96
10 = $87
11 = $79
12 = $72.50

For 1 room for all three nights
8 = $54.37
9 = $48.30, 9 people is the absolute limit for me in a double. Sorry. f^_^'

Also a note. The three nights are Thursday- Saturday. Meaning Sat. is the last night we are staying there.


*Edit the 3rd now dated so it remains at the top of the journal till Acen*
*Edit the 4th on February 12th, added Lukin to the top list and put numbers next to names so I won't mix up numbers ;P*
*Edit the 5th Removed a person♪ on February 15th♥♥*
*Edit the 6th Removed Eva from the list on February 18th*
*Edit the 7th Moved Andrew down to maybe on February 21st
*Edit the 8th Added Jessie, prices for 2 and 1 rooms pending how many people. And what nights we stay. On March 5th*
*Edit the 9th Added number of people and options for those riding megabus. See below copy-pasted from Facebook*

Ok, those that are rooming with me this year at ACen.

Currently the prices for those staying 2 nights are 55. And those staying 3 are 90. If you can paypal me 35 bucks to ensure that A. now you have no choice but to come and B. that the deposit for the hotel rooms goes through. As I can't pull it off completely on my own this year*bills to pay and more than one room means deposits for both*. That would be just fancy. My paypal is my email addy. Which is trythisoutchiki at yahoo dot com. Or we can discus another means of getting the money to me. This also means that if you pay a bit in advance you have less to pay for the room when you get there. XD

As it stands right now we have 14 people total staying with us. That includes yourself and me. X'D

Those riding the mega bus with me. Currently the prices are 46 bucks for all 4 seats if we opt to depart at 9:45 am and arriving at noon at Union Station. Alex and Kyrsten if you can meet me at where the megabus picks up that would be awesome. As now we have a total of 4 going to the ACen on the megabus with us. XD And Jessie will be spending the night at my house since she lives far far away.

Would it be safe to assume that rather than bust our bums to get back to Union station at 6pm Sunday*as we would basicly have to hop onto another train to get there regardless. And I'm unsure of what amount of time we need at present.* that we leave at 10pm and arrive at 2am-ish Monday morning. I will gladly drive peoples home or let them spend the morning sleeping at my house.
People are more than welcome to check the www.megabus.com 's prices as they do go up as we get closer to the date we leave.

If you still wish to come please let me know. I'm more than willing to help accommodate peoples. Do keep in mind tho' that sadly pre-reg is over for ACen's badges. So those that wish to still attend will have to wait in the lines. *emo desu*

TL:DR version
2 nighters are 55
3 nighters are 90

Any questions feel free to call me IM me or shoot an email to me. <3


WTF, Yako spit
So cute!

Another update for ACen♫
Flukeman and Tony
Another ACen update can be found here

Good gods it's been forever since I've updated my lj. Work has been almost all consuming. Last weekend I went to spend the night at Lindsay's, and went to a doll meet. XD Ended up bringing more home than I left with. Fell asleep on Lindsay at some point X'D. And brought the 360 with me so I got to play with someone else other than my lil' brother. X3

The weekend before that another doll meet. ...Was it at Gabby's? I believe it was. She has a fancy ass apartment. Hrrrmmm ah...I've done a lot but my mind is blank.

Bought an outfit for my up coming doll. That I won't be getting till after August. And some eyes for her too. Had a bunch a fun at the meet ups. I know that much.

An update for ACen♫
Baby got Bach
Can be found here

Lol, nothing else to update about. Just been working. And trying to get some sleep =3=

Ramble ramble♪
Nakatsu drained
Let's see what did I do this past week. Work, and by work I mean read and stand a lot. A LOT OF STANDING, is a part of this job. =3=
I read soo many manuals, and there are more to come. And since I'm training I have to be at work at 8am. =A= My back and shoulders hurt more than my feet. Poor, poor spine :c

Saturday, we did laundry at the laundromat, almost ALL the laundry. Took up 3 hours worth of our time. X'D And we discovered that their dryers still run on GAS. :/ Is that even legal anymore? And one of the dryers got UBER HOT. I mean really damn hot. To where you couldn't touch the clothes till they cooled down.

Sunday, I went with my Mom to Half Price books. Ended up with Ok Go and Eifel 65 *lol yes the one that died in our old 'puter.* And I went to Alex's house to deliver Pocky. Xd Which lead me to finding out where Gankutsuou went. X'D So now I have Volume 1 coming to my house for nothing. X'D Ah well it was only 99 cents, 4 bucks with shipping. I guess I will give it to someone♪

Today, not a lot of reading. About 2 hours worth. Learned some packaging stuffs,  and I am trying to get acronyms correct. Elisha bought me a Whatchmacallit candy bar. That was nice of her. I brought the much sought after can opener. And started reading Steven King's Desperation. Which will hopefully be better than "The Cell". I was soo dissapointed with that book it isn't funny. XT

Mom said she will help me with my measurements tonight. ♥ Thank gods, I'm sure Aimee is getting tired of waiting. f=3=' And I should have sketches and stuff done.

I'm a bit emo cause I can't speak with Tony as much online at night, thanks to my job. I can't wait for when I switch over to the "night shift" to start. Then I won't have to be up at 7am to be there conciously at 8 f=3=. I think I will  start texting him from my other screename so he can send me texts while I'm offline. ...Should probably get everyone texting that account soon anyhow. It's a new year, so why not?

Making tea, for drinking at work tomorrow, right now. I will definitely need the sugar. f=3=' Possibly, need to get used to drinking coffee type things in the am hours. Maybe that will help me move faster at work.

Hrrrm, need to get a new cellio phone soon. My old girl is getting rather dingy. =A= I really don't want to part with her though. Since it's the first cell phone Kati and I got. But, it's starting to act up and it's essentially a life line when the power goes out. -_- I will see if I can squeeze more time from it.

Hana Kimi♪
fangirl zone
Komari is so damn cute it hurts. The way she smiles, just makes me go "AAAAAAAAAAWWWWWW" And Ghost boy is ADORKABLE. Where did Oscar obtain the Beetlejuice suit?! XDDD
I'm about to finish watching episode 7 now. X3

Note to self...
fangirl zone
MUST make "Kissing Monster" icon with all the people who say "Me too" XDD

Hana Kimi♪
Sunako from Wallflower ♥

Seriously am going to have find the soundtrack to this. XD

Also I have Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along blog soundtrack. And def. want to share♪ Let me know if you want it. XD

An update♪
Celebration! Delicious
Hopefully I will cover all that's going through my head.

Thursday was my Mom's actual birthday,*or rather I'm told so f=3= I've always been horrible with bdays*. Friday we celebrated it with dinner, and going to see Caroline. *Terribly cute movie. I'm surprised one scene was allowed. LOL @ GINORMOUS BOOB JIGGLE*

Saturday was spent bored. 'Von played some games with me. But for some reason I got really sick. To the point where I thought I might throw up. D; Not awesome. When all the spooky finally subsided I played L4D on commentary mode. The zombies don't attack you in it. X3

Sunday...I can't recall, more games? I think my Mom went and had her nails done. And we cooked dinner again.

Monday, last night. I ended up staying up till almost 4:30am. After trying so hard at getting to bed early. X'D But it was worth going from the schedule I was trying to obtain. Vinny and Lukin are now a couple ♥ I think this is the first time I was genuinely happy about 2 people becoming a couple. X'D Earlier in the day, again I felt like I was going to be violently sick. =A= I'm not liking whatever you are trying to pull off stomach so cut this shit out.

I'm surprised today is Tuesday. Since my lil' brother was home Monday.  How did I loose the weekend so quickly?! I got up at 10:30am, today. Wtih luck I will be getting up at 8:30am to be out the door and at work at 9am. And I have started burning Sailor Moon onto disc. It's much easier when no one is home while I do this. Thankfully Dad is at work. And I've already gotten Season 1 copied on to disc. ♥ Soon I will free up 36 gigs on my laptop, and I will be able to obtain more animus to burn/collect. XD

Monday is the begining of my training. I'm so nervous. X'D

What have I been up to...
Cotton  candy and mint
Been getting lots of calls for interviews. One was for Beach Groves walmart, but they only wanted me to work 3 hour shifts during their busiest shift. Not worth the gas.

On the other hand, if I make it past the 2nd interview at the other place. I will be making 9 bucks an hour while I'm being trained and 9.48 an hour when I get past that. Full time. :o Wish me luck♥ And thanks to everyone that did before♥♥

Been forcing my lil' brother to play Left 4 Dead with me since Friday. XD

And today I didn't go into work. I wanted to spend time with my family. I told Lea last week, that I wasn't coming in after this past Friday. And when Lea told Phil this. He told her that I "wouldn't do that cause she wants to make sure she can come back to work here if she needs to. And her Mom works for Denison Parking, so it would cause her problems. She put in her two weeks notice I know she will keep to that." What the hell does my Mom working for Denison Parking have to do with MY working for Denison Parking? Dumbass, we aren't even in the same area of work. I'm a cashier and she is the Supervisor of the Valet parking at the hospital. :T And why on earth would I want to come BACK to that place with him still as manager? Funny how he was so sure I'd stick through the entire two weeks notice, but he was also sooo damn sure I was fucking theif. Funny shit that. e_e He called my Mom's cell phone telling her that I MUST bring in all the stuff from work. LMAO, if I wanted to be a bitch. I could just keep all the shit, and force him to change all the fucking locks like he's supposed to do in the first place, when Kenny quit. But no, I will be a nice person type thing. And bring back the keys sometime later on.

I still find it funny that he ended up working my shift. Cause low and behold, his cover girl  couldn't make it. And neither could his lacky Brandon. HA Serves you right jackass.

Thankfully, despite this economy, there are plenty of jobs to be had. Just not ones most people wouldn't think of or know about ;p

The guide I got from Onnawufei came in today. X3 Now I'm just waiting on Cornelius' glasses and some lotion.

Something unsaid...
Omg Yay from Love Monster
Got an interview tomorrow. Wish me luck~

LMAO what?
So I'm sitting at work minding my own business and this girl in a Denison work shirt shows up. Apparently I'm supposed to train her. But once again Phil has the girl show up when there are no transactions to be had, and 2 whole hours before I can show her how to do closing shift. If she will even stay around for it. Yeah, this is totally going to go well. I'm not even paid to train someone, and every single person he has hired thus far has failed miserably. It's up to 10 people that have given up/quit/got fired. Luckily I won't have to stick around to find out. ;D

Every single time I go to burn Sailor Moon so I can have some room on my laptop, something pops up to distract me. Dad wants 'puter, mom wants to go shopping, someone forgot to fill the pots with water so we can have steam heat going in the kitchen. =A= May I have some "me" time now?

Elisha for some fucking reason thought it was ok to let me sleep till 6:30pm. Nice work there sis. Considering I didn't go to bed after work to make sure your punkass could get to this doctor's office at 9am, found where the fuck it was for you cause you didn't know, and got you after dropping you off there. So I didn't go to bed till 11:45 which really means I didn't sleep till about 12:30-1pm. Real fucking nice. Why the hell do I bother helping her? Why? Argh I'm tired of being nice. Serisouly I am.

Blargh, new job can't be here soon enough. =A=

Well fuck...
Sometime around 3 am I heard an automatic weapon fired across the street at one of the bars. In the end  more than 12 cop cars showed up in less than 5 minutes. The corner of Ritter and English/Brookville was blocked by police cars and taped off. A woman was screaming and a few men were yelling "Fuck that bitch" and "Fuck the police". As soon as the police told people they couldn't leave a riot almost came out of it. And some woman wouldn't stop screaming. Some people tried to run down Ritter but were stopped by police and cuffed. Eventually they were let go. While all that was happening a man tried to ram his truck through the pilled up snow. But was unsuccessful, and is still waiting to leave.  3 people are dead, according to the people that my dad talked to, the motive as to why though is still unknown.

Something like this, on this scale, has never happened at the bars*the incident occured at the "King of Clubs" directly on the corner, not the "Ritter Inn" in the years that I've lived here. Usually there is some altrication, shots are fired, everyone runs, and cops show up 20 minutes later, to do nothing. Generally no dies, at worst, they get hurt. So I'm absolutely surprised at how fast the cops arrived and contained the area,and that 3 people are probably dead over something REALLY fucking stupid. They arrived before the firetruck, and ambulance. I saw the 3 stretches with the men on them. But they didn't bother covering them. So I'm sure the rumor that 3 men were killed is true.

I wonder if it will be on the news. I took pictures regardless and a lil' video tho' I doubt it means much.
The cop cars are still here now with their lights on, only 4 cars remain. Just now all the people have left.

I'm currently updateing peoples cause the suspense in Hana Kimi is too much for me to take X'D
Urgh by chibimars5
La sigh.

So it seems that my Mom's van is going to be out of commission for even longer than expected. What was going to cost 900+ bucks is going to be 1000+ and they STILL don't know what the fuck is making the "OH HOLY SHIT THE TIRE IS GOING TO COME OFF" noise. So basically they are going to replace all of the front end, and see if that gets rid of the noise.

Tony has been texting me to get me up around 2ish. *his one* Lukin and Vinny's comps are kaput so they haven't been online for a while now. =A=

Still haven't heard from ZLB. =A= I suspect that Phill has something do to with that. I tried to warn the custodians before that he is out for a scapegoat, and that he will do everything in his power to keep everyone from getting a raise. And they didn't listen. So now they have both been written up.

My eye keeps getting gunk in it no matter how many times I clean it. =_= Time to obtain more evil eye drops. Perhaps something similar to the hobo germ killing kind I had back in highschool.

It seems that tomorrow construction resumes at work again. I'm so tired of it all. And I'm not sure why the fuck illinois entrance will be closed off/ turned into an exit. THAT FUCKING SIDE IS FINISHED ALREADY. I'M NOT FREEZING MY ASS OFF FOR YOUR DUMBASS! Blargh 

I want to draw again. So I'm going to go buy a new art notebook. Hopefully this will inspire me to get back with it all.

I hate this cold ass weather. It's making me depressed. I made a new icon see above. X)

Also, did I lend Gankutsuo volumes 1-3 to anyone? I can't find them. But have all the rest 8u

Something unsaid...
ghost boy hanakimi
Tony is getting mad at me cause I keep getting up later and later in the day. And is now going to be texting my cell phone or something. Till I get up. ...I'm not sure what I agreed to.

Family has eaten all the ice cream that tastes of cake batter. :c

....Um... I haven't done much else this weekend. Except sleep and get online, and read manga. Talked to Tony about Majin Tantai Nougami Neuro, and then played Left 4 Dead.

I'm happy it's getting warm enough to snow. It was getting too damn cold. PLEASE WARM WEATHER COME HERE AND STAY NOW!

Omg Yay from Love Monster

I've been making icons
Beetlejuice and Joker
I've been making LJ icons huzzah. X3 Lol, some of these are rather old. But the point is I made 'em =p Last 3 are the newest.

I had a wonderful time at the last Doll meet. Aimee's food was soo good. And I owe Lindsay for more foods. X'D At some point I need to take better pictures. And try to get up before 6pm. The garage at work, is going under construction again. So everything stanks. And I have these bad headaches like crazy.

I've been so depressed lately I haven't had much movitation for anything other than reading. =_= I really hate this weather. The pipes are trying to freeze, and my house has no heat. So I pray the electric holds out, other wise we will all freeze. *rooms are warmed by space heaters*
I've applied for a position at the ZLB plasma center near my house. Hopefully I will get it. I'm tired of dealing with my manager. And his douchbagery. ...apparently douchbagery is a word. Thanks firefox! I'm also going to apply for a position at the walmart further up on washington street. I need a new job, one where it won't end with me killing Phil, for being stupid.

Andrew said he still wants to go to ACen. So heads up roomies, we will have 2 newbies♥ I gotta update the list. Andrew if you can let me know what day you are arriving. My lil' group usually arrives Thursday, so we can take care of registration and things X)

Something unsaid...
WTF, Yako spit
http://www.mangafox.com/page/manga/read/80/hana_zakari_no_kimitachi_e/chapter.18708/page.27/ so I can make another lj icon ♥

Hopefully this works
jv wit chopstix
These are my icons♥

default oldest newest
saddest happiest angriest
cutest sexiest funniest
fave ship fave fandom fave animated
best quote best textless best stolen idea
use the most favorite

IF YOU COULD BUY SPACE FOR MORE, WOULD YOU:Yeah especially if I run out of space. :T
DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT:Sometimes, but it's usually, just to express exasperation.
AND THE SECOND MOST:Internet memes
WHAT SHIP DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF:Rofl, I only have one that is an actual relationship. And it's Ouran's Tamaki and Haruhi. So, I'm not sure it counts. X'D
ARE THEY ANY GOOD:Good enough for me to use. :T
ANIMATED ICONS ARE:Time consuming.

Coding can be found here

Let's see what have I been up to?
watch what i say
A few weekends ago I went to a doll meet. Which was awesome! There were pictures to be had and 'Sody stepped on a poor Santa lap to obtain a beard. Her faceup was done by the lovely Pax.  I showed Aimee a few lolita mooks, and lent out all my lolita mags XD

Aimee says she can do the lolita commission X3 I'm wondering if I should go ahead and get myself situated for ACen first then get Monty outfit made. That way I can have something to wear at the con. X3 Lindsay bought me food stuffs. I owe her for this. *nods solemly* Birdgirl/Linda's home is awesome. She has introduced me to delicious teas that don't need a fuck ton of sugar. :d And she explained to me Aimee's doll plot line. Which makes so much more sense now. I was honestly worried thinking,"What kind of illness can be cured by getting preggers. :'B " now I feel dulll. And things make WAAAAAY more sense X'D Caitlin and I like Naono Bohra's work X3 I need to remind myself to ask to take pictures any chance she gets. XD *Though she probably plans on doing that anyway XDD* And I need to save up cash to pay for things♪ *I have 16 bucks set aside X) at the moment and more will be set aside with this next check.*

Then the week went by slowly. Tony and I are dorks. And I blame him for this weather.

This weekend, I went to my first LARP. It was fun...but I'm very confused. REALLY CONFUSED. XD The people there are so good. I couldn't tell if they were acting or not. XD I want to go again, once I figure out this whole character sheet bizz. f6_9' Everyone was really nice. I forget what the boy's name was that helped ...I know his characters name was ...Moon...something :B. And once more I forgot Pax's hubby's name. :T *It's Dan, Eby, DAN...I ...think :' T*

I've been reading through the "smut" section of mangafox.com trying to find something decent that didn't involve the main character ending up "likeing" her rapist. :T Which is surprisingly harder than it should. >8I However I did come across the artist Kayono, whose stuff is stupid hilarious in places. http://www.mangafox.com/page/manga/search?advopts=1&artist_method=cw&artist=Kayono My favourite stories by her are "Princess Hanaka" and "Shinobi no Onna" the first story with the same name. Despite how batshit and lame some of her stories are, I can't help reading on due to her style of drawing. X'D

I'm trying to get Tony to come to GenCon this year. But he needs a place to stay. So maybe I can coax the rest of my friends up in Chicago to come down during the summer. Who knows maybe I will have my own place by then. :o

I've been trying to design a cat for the skirt. I figured my cat Nightmist would be sufficiant, but no matter what I draw it comes out too cartoony. And I end up tossing it. I will keep going till I get something I like. Possibly akin to Chat Noir style.

I was supposed to go hang with Stephani yesterday night. But that didn't happen. Apparently she donated blood that morning, after we spoke. And slept the day away. Oh well. I got some food instead,gas, and a Kroger card. Then went home.

Today my car was incased in ice. Just like when I first got it from Sarahi. =3= Thank gods I bought that awesome ice scraper.

Now to do laundry, as I will be going to work early tomorrow. =A= and Saturday I will be working too. BOOOO

My cat Harley attacked my back and it's all bloody now. :T Fun stuff that.

How about here?
Celebration! Delicious
Lol post it in a response here! I wish to know the secrets to your tastey sounding pie/cake!

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fangirl zone
Doing some dolly window shopping, so I more or less know where to look when I do have cash to spend. And this has brightened my mood considerably.


http://www.dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=27 peavy head
http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=122222 T style specs
simple black or beige pants 
button up shirt short sleeve
a tie
Tinybear wig in black
unsure about shoes at present

Unnamed luna moth/ glow worm thingy
Tinybear wig
Custome outfit

http://www.dimdoll.com/shop/step1.php?number=205 hair, eyes and makeup as seen
*currently unsure what I want him to wear I might mimick Black Butler's Sebastian's outfit rofl I be dorky*
Shoes: http://www.leekeworld.us/frontstore/Item/item_zoom.asp?item_num=8987&catalog_num=0&mart_id=leekeworld&level=yes&mother_catalog_num=647

http://www.dollfairyland.com/shop/step1.php?number=223 with winky face and kitty ears and paws
*currently unsure what I want him to wear*

made by me, kanji, sad, &quot;there are no words&quot;
It's been forever since I've actually updated, and I'm sorry for that. I've been preoccupied by stumbleupon and mangafox.com =A=

Not much has been going on with me though. So no worries there. I went to a doll meet at Pax's house. She got the wig to fit Rhapsody X3.
I got lost on the way to and from Pax's house. f^_^' But still made it home HUZZAH.

I've been finding myself rather listless lately. Wanting to do stuff but at the same time having no ambition to do so. Leaving me with a rather annoying unique feeling of having not finished something.

I've been really freaking nice to my sister. As Mom wanted me to be. But that niceness has caused me the result of no fucking gas in my car. And no way of paying to fill it >:I As she is saying the stuff she got me at Bath and Body works is now my Xmas gift *despite the fact that originally I took her there so I could get the discount and pay her later on*. =A= Fine whatever, that doesn't really fix the issue of running you around earlier this week. =_=

Last night the tree lighting ceremony happened down the street and my assistant manager Brandon thought it would be a good idea, to make me let out each car one by one. So what usually would have taken a half hour to let people out took 2 hours with idiots walking up to the booth asking me why I'm only letting people out one at a time, and trying to open the booth door. Who in their right mind thinks it's ok to walk up on a stranger and open their door?! Thank gods I'm paranoid and lock it every damn time. Only one person had to pay to leave, and he caused some trouble. And tried to pull the door open by force and ask me how he was going to get out, like it was my fault he lost the ticket. I had to explain to him that if he didn't have a debit card or cash he would have to leave his car over night, till we open again 5pm Saturday and pay to leave then. Suddenly he wasn't such a dick anymore. =A=

I'm finding myself more antsy each time Tony goes out to hang with friends, he's been doing this more and more lately. Mostly cause it leaves me without anyone to talk to. As I'm a silly bint that thinks she will bother people if she IMs them out of the blue. I just hope that he hasn't been talking to me so much this past year, due to the fact that he feels obligated to. I'm really thankful for his friendship. As he made me laugh instead of cry when I was feeling my shittiest. *also according to firefox spell check shittiest is a word LA GASP* Now if only I could do the same for him. =_= As lately he seems to be down in the dumps but is trying to hide it/down play it.

I've also been eyeballing likely homes near me. As it would be nice to live on my own at some point before i'm 25. :p Just need more people to live with as I like noise other than a tele.

I'm going to let others know that it's probably not the best idea to try and get together during winter. For many reasons mostly money...and I'm a bitchy ass person when I'm cold. Despite the fact that it's a good excuse to see Vinny, Lukin and Tony. For the sake of the hotel room. Hopefully everyone can make it, or at least tell me before I can cancel in time. Also... cons happen once a year. I feel doing this get together thing once a year makes it more special.♥

Next check will be, new tires and the start of paying Momma Anna back. The tires, which will cost more in the long run will probably be replaced one or two at a time. Mostly cause that's what I can afford.

I hung out with Julia a few weekends ago. Which was fun, aside from the being po' and driving in the dark on the way home. STUPID WINTER DAYLIGHT IS SO SHORT LIVED ARRRRGH! I almost broadsided a red car that was driving without it's lights on. WHO THE HELL DOES SHIT LIKE THAT >8I

Also why is the Twilight movie doing so good? D; Future I weep for you. 

Now to get around to commisioning Aimee for Monty's outfit, and then my own. X3 For ACen. But that's for later. I found a place to download the current episodes of Hitman Reborn. And I'm finally watching the rest of Sailor Stars. Which brought much dorky jokes and laughter. As one of the attacks is "STAR GENTLE UTERUS" and Alex came back with a girl that turns into a guy with the attack "PROSTATE FLAME!" Much awesomely dorky stuff was had. X3

Ah it looks like family is moving again. I will try and update more often from now on, and read friends posts. I'm SO very sorry for my negligence guys, really I am. Cause it makes me look like such a douche bag. =3=


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bunny and jello
And testing once more, la fixed! Had to make an even more future post than the one at top and delete it :B

Ugh lj what the heck are you doing? But I have good news X)
5 more minutes
The debt for the house has been paid off for the past two years. I can drive my car now*hawt damn*. But dad is still pulling his lame "not working for a week" thing. And 'Sody's commission has been finished X3 La awesome!

I can't get this to work on my house 'puter so I'm going to see if it will work on my laptop when I get to work. =0=

Lj is being stupid and not letting me post unless I click the date out of order option. Despite having 2 entries after I posted my one in the future :/

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Oh noes!
Where the hell is my car charger for my cell phone?!