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Thing that drives me most is knowing we are under the same blue sky, Eby Journal

You will always be near me

15 August 1986
My feedback for the lj to prove that I'm not trying to steal money from people XD

DramaCon is dramatic love

Genki o dashite!
Live action manga and video game parodies and anime bastardization, oh my!

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My name is Ebony, friends call me Eby. No, not cause of my weeaboo. But it is funny nevertheless. I live in central Indy. Love books, manga, video games, music, drawing and generally dorky style fun.

I believe in a great deal of things. But in strange ways. So far I've come to the assumption that the world is "complicatedly simple". Things are ugly and cute, batshit and brilliant, doesn't and does. I'm known more for my ambivalence, and strange way of talking, more than anything else.
Some do consider me an artist. But that is their opinion, I love them nevertheless for it. X)
I'm currently in my freshman year of college.

I like bjds *ball jointed dolls* as they prove to be a challenge, gothic lolita fashion, manga and anime. These afore mentioned hobbies keep my wallet in check,...surprisingly. As you can't buy all at once, or you might end up like a retarded crackhead under a bridge :B

I'm not rich, more like lower middle class. So it takes a while for me to get the things I want. I don't mind it so much, but I do love to complain about it. ;D

I have an identical twin sister. It used to be I didn't mind this much. It turned to annoyance and anger, due to the things she says and does. Now, I'm just annoyed by the complications it brings. =o=' So I love it when people can tell the difference between us without any aid.

Hrrmm, I think that is it. <3

Sites I frequent for no real reason:
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